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y name is Stuart Lee Friedman.  I am a veterinarian, a writer and a photographer.  Of the three, writing has been the most consistent undercurrent in my life.  This site is an online portfolio of some of the work I have created – to share with others and if nothing else, to act as a public repository.  The first step on any journey is to just be present.  This site is my presence.


he decision I made to explore writing as a career came late, starting in 2010 and well into my middle years.  In those past five years I have produced almost 300 published articles covering a wide variety of subjects including human interest topics, politics, medicine, aviation and sports.  I am convinced that my best writing comes from emotional honesty.  When everything comes together just right, my fingers can barely keep up on the keyboard.  Those are the pieces – the ones born from dancing fingertips – that ultimately are posted on this site.


y proficiency in the technical aspects of photography, video production, web design and advertising layout were ultimately developed to augment and frame my writing (this website is a case in point).  These abilities can be applied in a modular fashion to many other disciplines as well.


Final Note and a Dedication

My work has been editorially-selected and published in the Bucks County Herald, the Good Men Project, and the Examiner.  With over 75 articles and 15 images placed on the front page of the weekly Herald, I have enjoyed a year and a half of front-page presence during the five years which I have been a regular contributing journalist.  Like everything in my life – good and bad – the compendium of my work ultimately goes to back to a single decision.  I remember precisely where I was when the thought came to me to address the contemplative tumble of thoughts about being a vet by taking that first step to actually realize that dream.   It was the simplest of moments, a true butterfly effect.  Similarly, the decision to submit that first article for publication was a simple moment, and never would have happened if not for the encouragement of one man.  I dedicate this effort to the memory of my dear friend and mentor Richard Sawyer, the smartest man I ever knew.  Book smart.  Life smart.  He believed strongly in my capabilities and would have encouraged me to move forward with the craziest of my dreams. Life is short, he often told me.   And so I dream crazy.